Simone Song

Owner / Principal Broker

Simone Song has been working as a real estate broker and engaged community leader in the Washington Heights and Hudson Heights neighborhoods for the past 30 years. As founder and principal of Simone Song Properties, she established the firm’s reputation for unsurpassed service and unfailing integrity, to make it the real estate leader in the area. With extensive experience as an attorney representing numerous co-op, condominium and building sales, Simone brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge to the negotiating table on behalf of her clients. Simone's hallmark has been a commitment to her clients' needs, and she is plugged into the area's development, public policy initiatives and issues relating to buyers, sellers and renters. She is known in the community as someone who will always provide balanced, informed advice that is in the best interest of her clients. In addition to her real estate expertise, Simone is fully engaged with the Hudson Heights area and its development, and is able to offer valuable insight and perspective on the rapidly changing community at large.

A Little More About Simone Song